1st Ceremonial Lady

Lady Debbie Jones

(on the right)

Contact her for Information about Membership


Email: 1cl@sphinxcourt65.org


CLASS OFFICER:  Lady Diana Simonton, PHP, Kheta Court 59, Casper, WY

SYMBOL:  Mother & Child

EGYPTIAN SYMBOLS:  Isis, Ankh and Pyramid

FLOWERS:  Red Rose, Wild Pink Prairie Rose, the Lotus, and Daisies

COLORS:  Forest Green, Black & White, Scoria Pink, Navy Blue, Cobalt Blue

MOTTO:  Women of the West stay Strong Together so we may Help Others

FUN SYMBOLS:  Raggedy Ann & Andy, Angels, bees, sheep, Tea Cups, chickens, the shamrock and Irish things.

ANIMALS:  Work horses, especially Percherons, Irish Wolfhounds and Daschunds

BIRDS:  Western Meadowlark, Canada Geese, Chickens

SCRIPTURE:  Psalm 121-1 I will lift up mine eyes from whence cometh my help; my help cometh from the Lord which made Heaven & Earth.

SONGS:  God Bless America, Happy Trails to You, His Sheep am I, Ebony & Ivory, I give you a Daisy a Day, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, Chason Por Les Petits Enfants , There were 90 and 9