Officers & Aides



Elected Officers
Front Row

High Priestess – Lady Karen MacDougall
Princess – Lady Iris Colbert
Associate Princess – Lady Mary Lou Burger
Recorder – Lady Linda Curry, Past High Priestess
Treasurer – Lady Andie Lacombe
First Ceremonial  Lady – Janet Massey
Second Ceremonial Lady – Debbie Jones
Trustee 1 year – Lady Sharon Harrison
Trustee 2 year – Lady Gina Baird, Past High Priestess
Trustee 3 year – Lady Mimi Bohlman

Appointed Officers

Oriental Guide – Lisa Gilbertson
Marshal – Lady Nancy Beffel
Directress – Lady Veronica Zabala
Prophetess – Lady Betsy Ozee
Musician – Lady Jackie Miller
Inner Guard – Lady Paula Weber
Outer Guard – Lady Pam Wade


Unit and Club Leaders

Sun Unit – Lady Linda DuBois, Past High Priestess
Ceremonial Pageantry – Lady Jane Sheldon
Clowns – Lady Marsha Young
Director Staff – Lady Gina Baird, PHP
Sphinx Patrol – Lady Renate Sweat
Greeters – Lady Kathy Kelley (not pictured)
Past High Priestess Club – Lady Mary Hammer, Past High Priestess


Sphinx Court Aides

Aides to the High Priestess – Lady Donna Witmer, Lady Linda Smith,
Lady Elizabeth Reece, Lady Lillian Ryan
Aides to the Princess – Lady Kathy Kelley, Lady Trish Whalen, PHP
Aides to the Associate Princess – Lady Cynthia Lowry, Lady Pat Zimmerman
Aides to the Recorder – Lady Renate Sweat, Lady Carol Anton
Aides to the Treasurer – Lady Brenda Brown, Lady Nancy White
Aide to the 1st Ceremonial Lady – Lady Gloria Leppert
Aide to the 2nd Ceremonial Lady – Lady Linda DuBois, PHP
Aide to the Trustees – Lady Ginger Enloe
Aide to the Marshal – Lady Suzanna Kimball
Aide to the Directress – Lady Rosemarie Aliberto
Aide to the Musician – Lady Sandy Greeneltch
Aide to the Inner Guard – Lady Pat Stanton
Aide to the Outer Guard – Lady Donna DiCola