High Priestess 2017

Our Chairman of the Board, Lady Iris Colbert

Email: hp@sphinxcourt65.org

Grand Officer:  Janet Larson

Class Name:  Janet’s Pearls Of Aloha

Class Symbol:  Pearls

Love Symbol:  Pineapple

Colors:  All Shades Of Green, Burgundy, Medium Blue, Yellow, Brown, Gold, Ivory

Flowers: Yellow Rose, Yellow Hibiscus, Tulips

Fun Symbol:  Tinker Bell

Egyptian Symbol:  Lotus, Camel, Palm Tree

Other Symbols:  Kukui Nut Lei, Bamboo

Land & Sea Symbols:  Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Green Sea Turtles, Owls, Manatees, Jaguar, Eagles, Panda Bears, Bluebirds

Collectibles:  Lighthouses, Santas, Cameos

Class Theme:  Aloha Spirit – Aloha Is A Way Of Living And Treating Each Other With Love And Resect

Class Motto:  The Women Who Care (Na Wahine Malama)

Scripture:  Psalms 136:26 O give thanks unto the God of Heaven: for his mercy endureth forever

Songs:  Happy Hawaii, I am Hawaii, Hawaiian Lullaby, You’ve Got a Friend, Beautiful, Old Time Rock and Roll, I love Beach Music, Carolina In My Mind. That’s What Friends Are For, Circle of Friends, All about Soul, May You Always, God Will Take Care of You, Footprints in the Sand, The Prayer, Great is thou Faithfulness